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Welcome to Nevada Junior Cotillion, a traditional etiquette program that has taught hundreds of children valuable lessons in the rules of social behavior. This program helps build self-esteem, confidence and character into each student by presenting them with the fundamentals of etiquette and ballroom dance. Together they form a dynamic combination for practicing social graces.

“Inspiring a lifetime of confidence and success in children

through dancing, dining, and social etiquette”

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Three different levels have been designed for three separate age groups, reflecting Western Society’s social etiquette of Informal, Semi-Formal and Formal. Three levels allow students the opportunity to enroll in each level, so they may truly become comfortable and knowledgable with the world of manners, and more importantly, know when and how to use them throughout their lifetime.

Level 1 Informal (5th and 6th grade) teaches the basics of everyday manners for social, family and school life. This is an important and necessary first step in the three tiered process because it’s the one students will use most throughout their life time.

Level 2 Semi-Formal  (7th and 8th grade) is astep up” to semi-formal etiquette, where students learn the importance of being in public and attending important family gatherings  as they become young adults.

Level 3 Formal  (High School) is about formal etiquette, which complements the high school prom, formal gatherings such as weddings, and adult life such as college, jobs and marriage which are just around the corner. [This  level is by invitation only for students who have taken either Level 1 or  2.]

As we all know, individuals with nice manners are held in high esteem by others and are likely to gain opportunities otherwise not open to them. This is true both socially and personally where well-mannered people are positively noticed, admired, and respected. However, when individuals disregard society’s accepted rules, they risk rejection. Luckily, most children want to be accepted and when asked what they learned in the program the typical reply is, “I understand what it’s all about and what I’m suppose to do”.  In fact, the positive feedback our students get from what they learn in class, stimulates their desire to continue and sign up for the next level. In fact, many of our students actually repeat the same level because they had so much fun.

Parents tell us they have witnessed their child shaking hands and making introductions with a new teacher, referring to adults by their surname, introducing their friends to their parents, teaching table manners to others, going to weddings or parties with confidence, and not being afraid to dance with a partner in public. These are just some of the things California Junior Cotillion can do for your child.

We encourage you to enroll your child today for these important social skills, because the knowledge of etiquette and proper manners will not only last them a life time, but make them confident! The skills learned in our Cotillion program, will also put your child ahead in the game of life, especially when it comes to jobs, interviews, dating and entertaining. Your child will come out of the program knowing the basics of partner dancing, table manners, and above all, aware of what society expects of them in terms of  correct social behavior. We encourage you to sign your child up for the program.